Chairman of the Board PJSC "Donetsk Metal Rolling Plant"


    Matvey Markovich Lam was born on the 4th of July in 1952 in Gorodok, Khmelnitsk region.

    His working career started in October 1975 as production engineer at Donetsk precision engineering plant, Chief Metallurgist Department. Over 20 years (from December 1976 till August 1998) Matvey Markovich worked at OJSC "Donetsk metal rolling plant". Starting from the position of chief construction engineer he then worked as foreman, chief foreman, deputy head of the blooming mill shop, head of the blooming mill shop, deputy director on production. From July 1997 till September 2000 Mr. Lam worked as deputy chairman of the board on finance and production and commercial director in OJSC "Konstantinovka Iron & Steel Works". 

    In September 2000 M.M.Lam was appointed to the position of chairman of the board of PJSC "Donetsk metal rolling plant". Matvey Markovich Lam is a well-educated, intelligent person and demanding but fair-minded boss. Owing to his administrative ability, conscientiousness and strictness the plant is showing stable performance and carrying out planned works for several years. Mr. Lam is a pushing and creative leader who managed to unite a large staff and motivate employees to reach performance targets. 


    Chief engineer of PJSC "Donetsk metal rolling plant"